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sinister lies, penelope blake

Sinister Lies (Kings of Crystal Lake University) by Penelope Blake – Free eBooks Download


Step into the dark and twisted world of Crystal Lake University, where innocence is a liability and desire is a dangerous game.
Here at this prestigious institution, the elite send their heirs, and I, unsuspecting and unprepared, find myself thrown into the viper’s den.

As a newcomer, I never imagined the treacherous trials awaiting me. But when I catch the eye of the Barone brothers—heirs of a powerful mafia dynasty—my naivety becomes a target.
Tasked by their father to infiltrate my world, they soon find themselves ensnared by something more intoxicating than duty: me.
Caught between seduction and survival, I’m thrust into a deadly dance of deceit and desire. While Elio seeks to seduce me and Renzo’s longing becomes impossible to ignore, I uncover their sinister intentions. Kidnapped and thrust into a realm of primal desire, the boundaries between captor and captive blur beyond recognition.
In a world where passions ignite, alliances shift, and secrets unravel, I find myself drawn to their darkness, craving their touch, their power. But add their astute best friend, Dante, into the mix and things take an even more complicated turn.
I never anticipated becoming the prize in their deadly game, but now, torn between loyalty and longing, I realize I never truly stood a chance against the allure of three dangerous men.

“Sinsister Lies” is the first installment in the Kings of Crystal Lake University series, a dark college reverse harem romance. Brace yourself for a journey where the lines between right and wrong blur, and temptation reigns supreme. It features themes that may be upsetting to certain readers so please read the warnings at the start of the book.

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