Single Dad Shifter by Alexa Griffin (ePUB)

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Single Dad Shifter (Magical Wolf Town #3) by Alexa Griffin – Free eBooks Download


The attraction is instant. But can it survive my inexperience and our age gap?
I’ve never been with a man before, not to mention a single dad wolf shifter.
My folks tell me it’s dangerous for a witch to get involved with a wolf …
Our magic placed a mystery curse on his family. Does our love even stand a chance?
He caught my attention from the moment our eyes met.
There’s just something irresistible about this daddy wolf.
I struggle to make sense of my feelings … of being turned on by his presence.
Have I simply remained untouched for too long?
Or perhaps there is something deeper connecting us.
A pull that torments me with thoughts and fantasies I wouldn’t admit out loud.
Fantasies of him close … very close… his hands and lips all over me …
Yet as they say, our imagination creates our reality … and here we are alone in his hut.
Should I lose myself in him?

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