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single all way, kate watson

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When a secret billionaire and his obnoxious(ly pretty) upstairs neighbor get stuck together on an elevator, their sparks could light a Christmas tree.

I go through crushes faster than a little kid goes through presents on Christmas morning.
But when I crash into my annoying(ly hot) nemesis and we get stuck on the elevator during a blackout, the last thing I expect is to develop feelings for him. Nate Cruz is opinionated, a stickler for justice, talks with his hands, and is the space heater keeping me safe while we’re stuck on this freezing metal box.
He’s also the first person to ever push past my defense mechanisms and see me as more than “the girl who messes up everything” that my family sees. And when the blackout ends and we’re back in the real world, he’s the first person to ever stand up to my family…for me.
Now that I’ve fallen for Nate, I’m determined not to mess up things with him, and I know exactly how: we’ll fake date to get through the holidays.
Because a fake relationship can’t leave me brokenhearted on Christmas.

Juliet Shippe is the loudest, most obnoxious(ly pretty) upstairs neighbor in the world.
But after six hours on an elevator with her, I’m fighting feelings deeper than I’m willing to admit. And after the power is restored and she manages to drag me to my apartment and give me my insulin shot, I’m all in.
When Jules suggests I come to her identical twin’s wedding as her “fake date,” I agree, but only if she comes to my ultra ambitious parents’ holiday party as my real one.
Because I know the truth she’s too scared to admit: she isn’t faking. And I’ll do everything I can to help her realize it.
All I want for Christmas is Jules.

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