Sing to the Stars by Katelyn Beckett (ePUB)

sing to stars, katelyn beckett

Sing to the Stars (Joining #2) by Katelyn Beckett – Free eBooks Download


If I run, they can’t find me.
My inner wolf screams to be reunited with my pack, but I can’t promise myself to them or anyone else. This is all too much for me and I’m in too deep. Mom keeps calling me but how do I return her calls when she can’t know what’s going on in my real life?
College has accepted me back with open arms despite the fact that I cheated on a test, but I recognize the scent of a Guardian hunting me through the halls. He knows where I am, he knows what I am, and what happens when there’s nowhere left to run? We still don’t know why a bunch of jumped-up anti-shifter murderers are gathering werewolves, but it can’t be for anything good.
Besides that, T, Calvin, Eriq, and Davey are right on my tail. My heart belongs to them, but my mind says they’re barking up the wrong tree. How am I going to keep them away for their own good and my own?

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