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Sing to Me (Second Chances #5) by Alexis Ashlie – Free eBooks Download


I’ve lived my life yearning for the limelight. My greatest fantasy is to sing on the stages of Europe and the world. I’m talented and hard-working and I know I will succeed.
But my gifted husband Colton, who is also my co-writer and pianist, doesn’t share the same ambitions. He was a jazz prodigy from an early age, and yet all he wants for himself is to play to small halls, where he can be close to his audience, and to spend a quiet life with me, raising a family.
When I get a scholarship to study singing in Australia, I’m forced to decide. What do I want more? Career or family?

Being known for your talent might seem like a godsend, but when you’ve been put on display from the age of four, you quickly get tired of it. I love jazz, and the only two things I want in life are to play my music and to love my wife.
But she seems destined for more; she craves the light I shy away from. It’s agony trying to decide whether to endure the exposure that top billing will bring us, or continue hiding in the shadows.
When her pianist breaks an arm on Madelyn’s big night, I know I have to step in and play for her again. But the moment I’m near to her, I realize I can’t let her go.

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