Sinfully Owned by Ambra Kerr (ePUB)

sinfully ownedm ambra kerr

Sinfully Owned (Sinfully #2) by Ambra Kerr – Free eBooks Download


He saves me. Keeps me captured. Sends me away…
… and I come back. Because I fell for him.

Dario de Archard is a criminal. The feared mafia prince. A lunatic playing with his own demons. Until now I didn’t know him. Just a name in the wind… but something tells me I won’t forget him and his world soon.

I’m dancing with the devil.
Reaching out for his demons,
hoping they won’t devour me alive.
His enemies demand that I kill him and his family.
But he’s the one saving me, nearly dying himself.
My life becomes a game…

He calls me micina. Kitten.

Usually, he only sleeps with a woman once.
But I claw my way into his pitch black heart…
and suddenly I’m not able to leave anymore.
He becomes my nightmare…
but in his presence, I’m feeling more alive than ever.

We’re two sides of the same coin, a match made in hell. He draws me deeper and deeper into his world until I ask myself one vital question: Do I even want to escape from the darkness?

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