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Sinful Vows (Astoria Royals #1) by Deborah Garland – Free eBooks Download


She’s the future queen for my Irish Mob boss… and the soul awakening I never saw coming.

The Russians are preparing for war and blood will soon run in the streets of Astoria.
I’m a vital soldier and best friend to the Irish Mob boss, but I’m not kin. To secure my family’s protection I need to offer him a wife of my bloodline.
I travel to Ireland to find a lass hidden in my family records, but several surprises await me. Darcy is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. And a woman from my past, who will be my undoing in every way possible.
We share the same last name, but she’s not who I think she is.

I’ll do anything to make life better for my daughter. Even marry a stranger a world away.
Only… the man who showed up to broker the deal is him. The man who took my virtue and fathered my child five years ago. The man I never forgot. But he doesn’t recognize me.
We share the same last name, but it’s not what you think.
Forced into one bed, we give in to what we can no longer deny, sinking our teeth into shameful taboo lust until we can’t get enough. But our secrets are dark shadows that can destroy us.
Our confessions throw my world here into chaos. Now I’m in danger and need to take the marriage deal to Ewan’s best friend in order to save my daughter.
But I can’t ignore my heart any longer.
With a mafia groom waiting for me, it’s a race against time to break down Ewan’s walls to make him see that our love isn’t the sinful vow he thinks it is.

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