Sinful Secrets by L G Campbell (ePUB)

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Sinful Secrets (Satan’s Outlaws #3) by L G Campbell – Free eBooks Download


KhanI made myself a promise that I would never fall in love. It makes you vulnerable and weak. People use it against you and it makes you a target.I am a player, partying hard and bedding a different woman every night, sometimes more than one. What can I say? The women love me, and I am living a perfect life. Well, I was… until I had to watch her. Sure, she is beautiful, but she is far too innocent to handle me.Talitha lived her entire life in a religious cult, always warned of the evil and forbidden world. Now she finds herself held captive by the very people she was warned about, The Satan’s Outlaws.But what happens when the people you thought you loved and trusted aren’t what they seem? And the people you were warned about your entire life are in fact the ones to be trusted?But more than that, what happens when you fall for a man that is anything but holy?

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