Sinful Love by Sanjana Nidhi (ePUB)

sinful love, sanjana nidhi

Sinful Love (Sinful #3) by Sanjana Nidhi – Free eBooks Download


What would you do to make your one true love yours?

All it took was one sunny afternoon, a pissed-off customer, and a cup of coffee for Rochelle Moore to fall in love with the enigmatic stranger.
She never expected to come face to face with the man of her dreams again. But then came a day when she not only got to meet the handsome stranger, but she also ended up being an intern at his firm.
What would you do to make your one true love—who happens to be your boss—yours?
You kiss him. And it changes everything.
Will Rochelle’s act of bravery win him? Or will she end up with a broken heart?


Alan Will has a simple rule. There are no sentiments in business.
At just twenty-five, he is the youngest successful hotelier in the world. This happened because of his sheer will and a one-track mind.
He never let anyone close because he had no time for relationships nor did he have any plans to entertain the idea of it.
But one look at his shy eighteen-year-old intern has him second-guessing his business ethics.
Rochelle Moore is every bit of temptation Alan should stay away from.
But when she goes on her tip-toes and presses her lips to his, everything changes.

For the first time in his life, he wants to say ‘screw it’ to his rules and indulge in the forbidden fruit that is Rochelle Moore.

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