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silver stealth, iona strom

Silver Stealth (Warriors of Valose Saga #10) by Iona Strom – Free eBooks Download


Memories of betrayal flooded my mind with glimpses of a past I didn’t recall living. I had wronged so many, not just my clan but all of Valose. I was not worthy to walk among them. Not worthy of the female who had breathed life into my ancillary heart.
It was just as well. My spirit mate cared not for me. Her downcast gaze, always on her feet or the male with whom she had returned. A male from beyond the stars, and a sworn enemy of Valose.
I was determined to redeem myself. To prove that I was worthy of the crown I was bequeathed and return to my rightful place as ruler of Clan Huren. Perhaps, if I was to shed this mantle of disgrace, I would be worthy of her regard.

I was broken in more ways than one. Shame kept my eyes pinned to the ground. Humiliation over who I had once been haunted me. Captivity had a way of putting things in a new perspective. Now that I had seen myself for what I once was, forgiveness felt beyond my reach.
Then there was the issue of the male who dogged my heels. A regal male for whom I had endangered other girls to reach. My sense of entitlement had blinded me to everything except my own desires. Now that I had been rescued and returned to the ones I had betrayed, how could I ever look them in the eyes, or feel worthy of the male who followed?

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