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silver scout, iona strom

Silver Scout (Warriors of Valose Saga #5) by Iona Strom – Free eBooks Download


My clan had harbored the enemy from the stars. We had something they wanted, so we struck a deal that had turned sour. Now that our end of the bargain was due, we were scrambling for an alternative payment when one, literally, dropped out of the sky.
So, I was sent on a mission to deliver our end of the deal. But the more of the truth I learned, the more wrong my mission felt. Then there was her. Isobel. An unexpected and delectable complication who hated the very sight of me.
My mission had changed with the beat of my awakened heart, and now I must convince my spirit mate she was mine, find a way to join the exiles to help save Valose, all while saving my clan from itself.

There was nothing worse than an arrogant man. Yet, Tikkot wasn’t a man but a Valosian warrior from a rival clan with a cocky smirk and a sultry stare. I had no reason to trust him and no reason to like him. So then, why did my heart flutter every time our eyes met?
My goal to return home had never wavered. Yet, the longer I remained on this world, the more unreachable my goal seemed. The planet of Valose was insanely dangerous even before the addition of the gray aliens. Then, just when I thought nothing more could possibly happen to me, Tikkot tossed me over his shoulder, caveman style, stealing me away.

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