Katie MacAlister: Silver Dragons Series (ePUB)

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Silver Dragons series by Katie MacAlister – Free eBooks Download

PLAYING WITH FIRE: Gabriel Tauhou, the leader of the silver dragons, can’t take his eyes of May Northcott—not even when May, who has the unique talent of being able to hide in the shadows, has slipped from everyone else’s sights.

May, however, has little time for Gabriel—not when she’s hiding from the Otherworld law, hunting down a blackmailer, and trying to avoid a demon lord’s demands. But her ability to withstand Gabriel’s fire marks her as his mate, and he has no intention of letting her disappear into the darkness she seems to prefer.

Then May is ordered to steal one of Gabriel’s treasures—an immensely important relic of all dragonkin—and he must decide which to protect: his love or his dragons.

UP IN SMOKE: Though May Northcott’s heart belongs to Gabriel, leader of the silver dragons, being stuck in Abaddon has significantly cooled down her love life. Especially since a demon lord is trying to woo her. Looks like May will have to barter to gain her freedom and fulfill her destiny by Gabriel’s side. . . . .

ME AND MY SHADOW: May Northcott is at the end of her tether. Her demon boss has moved in and is making life hell. Her scorching hot dragon lover seems to think everything can be solved with a fiery kiss. And worse still, she’s being shadowed by her ditsy twin sister – a naiad who simply can’t seem to stay out of trouble. The arrival of a nearly-dead man on May’s doorstep could be the final spark that sets light to their tinder-box world. And with dragon war imminent, it’s looking increasingly like it will be up to May (and her watery shadow) to stop it before the fire consumes them all, and their lives end up in smoke . . . . .

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  • Playing With Fire (Silver Dragons Book #1) by Katie MacAlister – In .epub and .pdf
  • Up in Smoke (Silver Dragons Book #2) by Katie MacAlister – In .epub and .pdf
  • Me and My Shadow (Silver Dragons Book #3) by Katie MacAlister – In .epub and .pdf



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