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Silly Sealed Fates (Pixie Pink #3) by D.N. Hoxa – Free eBooks Download


Why am I pink?
I’ve always wondered. I’ve always asked. I’ve checked every file in the ODP archives, too, but nobody could ever give me an answer.
Until I meet three high fae who seem to know everything about me simply by looking at the color of my hair. They mock me, humiliate me, and I can do nothing but take it.
And that’s not even my only concern. Derek Dane is gone, and Dominic needs my help to find him. Having to play bait again isn’t something I look forward to. Sleeping under the same roof with him, on the same floor, is going to test both of us again, and we were never good with keeping our hands off each other when we’re that close. But it’s my fault the brothers are in this situation. I have to make it right.
Nothing goes as it’s supposed to, and before I know it, I find myself back home with my family, more alone than ever before. More secrets come to light and I’m told my fate is sealed. I’m supposed to live my life a certain way, become who I was meant to be.
But whoever designed that fate for me didn’t know me at all. I might be tiny and pink, but I’ll be damned if I let anyone tell me how to live my life. I will fight back with everything I have, even access powers so vile they make me sick. And I will do absolutely anything to protect the people that I love.

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