Silent Voices by Patricia Gibney (ePUB)

silent voices, patricia gibney

Silent Voices (D.I. Lottie Parker #9) by Patricia Gibney – Free eBooks Download


The hall was empty and dark. She felt for the switch on the wall, but another noise caused her to pause. Was it from upstairs? That’s when she heard the whoosh of sound. The flutter of material. Right before she felt the push between her shoulder blades.

When twenty-five-year-old Rachel Mullen is discovered murdered in her own bed by her devastated twin sister, the morning after a glittering party, it’s a chilling new case for Detective Lottie Parker. Rachel’s freckled face is bruised and broken, a shard of glass placed in her throat… Faced with such a horrifying murder, Lottie wastes no time in pursuing every clue.

Many of Ragmullin’s most important people were at the party, and Lottie risks angering her boss if she doesn’t tread carefully. Then a brilliant young doctor is found murdered with glass in her throat. The doctor was nowhere near the party and a devastated Lottie is forced to question everything. Two beautiful young women with the world at their feet have been brutally silenced. Why did the killer need them to die?

Desperate to find proof of what really happened to Rachel that night, Lottie’s search brings her to a vulnerable teenage girl, Maddy, who was waitressing at the party. But just as Lottie is close to uncovering a key piece of evidence, Maddy is seen disappearing into an unmarked car. Will Lottie be able to find the frightened fifteen-year-old or will she too be silenced forever?

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