Sighs of the Highland Wind by Olivia Kerr (ePUB)

sighs highland wind, olivia kerr

Sighs of the Highland Wind by Olivia Kerr – Free eBooks Download


Every sunset over the loch whispers their names.

Dive into the heart of the Scottish Highlands with this stirring collection of tales where fierce passion, undying love, and breathtaking adventure collide against the backdrop of Scotland’s majestic landscapes. Each story in this enchanting trilogy weaves a tale of intense emotion, profound romance, and the enduring strength of the heart.

Books included:

The Laird’s Scarred Servant

In the halls of McDonald castle, a love as unexpected as it is forbidden blossoms. Maxwell Forbes, the heir of his clan turned penniless wanderer, finds sanctuary in the compassionate care of Kenna Bowie, a servant with eyes as captivating as her spirit. Hidden in the shadows, their love grows amidst a web of secrets and lies. Will the truth break their entwined hearts, or will love overpower adversity?

Fooled by the Illegitimate Highlander

Cameron, born a bastard but destined to lead, faces an impossible choice between his heart’s desire and his duty to the clan. His love and devotion for Ava now hangs by a thread, threatened by a marriage not of love, but of convenience. In this game of love and loyalty, Cameron and Ava’s hearts wrestle with a cruel fate. In the end, will duty extinguish the flame that burns between them?

To Love a Highland Rebel

Norah Brown’s heart bears the scars of a love lost, her dreams shattered when Tearlach chose rebellion over their future. Their paths cross once more, rekindling a love that never truly died. But with danger out to get them, Norah stands at a crossroads: protect her heart or risk it all for the man who owns it. Can their love be the beacon that will guide them through the storm?

The Highlanders’ fervent passions and unbreakable spirits echo the wild beauty of the land they call home. Embrace the call of the Highlands and surrender to the allure of timeless romance, letting these stirring tales of love fill your heart.

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