Show Me Your Sass by Celeste King (ePUB)

show me sass, celeste king

Show Me Your Sass (Enemies to Mates #3) by Celeste King – Free eBooks Download


The only hope for Planet Earth is an alien warrior who is trying to keep up with the Kardashians.
Oh sure, Dar the alien warrior is hot and all.
With his giant horns.
Big ol’ muscles that he uses to lift me up and throw me over his shoulder.
Soul piercing eyes.
And one very powerful…blaster.
But this is a Barghle that’s come to Earth.
It’s a nasty, slimy, alien slug-like creature.
It’s going to destroy any planetary environment that it’s put in.
It’s going to lay thousands of eggs and when those hatch, little Barghlets are going to eat everything and everyone.
So when Agency Gamma nabs me, Lara Carpenter, of YouTube fame, and tells me that I’m a genetic match to mate with an alien warrior who is trying to save Earth while also catching up on the Real Housewives, I’m shocked.
But when they tell me that my planet depends on it, and he can’t do it without me, I’m all in.
It’s like that cheesy song from back in the day.
You + Me = Us.

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