Shot Through the Heart by Pippa Jackson (ePUB)

shot through heart, pippa jackson

Shot Through the Heart by Pippa Jackson – Free eBooks Download


My new colleague is the most eligible bachelor in town, and I couldn’t care less.
But then a gunshot changed everything.
Trent Buchanan is tall, gorgeous and, if rumors are to be believed, packing an enormous…ahem, bank account.(With an ego to match).
The women in the office act like giggling schoolgirls in his presence. But I’m a consummate professional, and gorgeous men don’t interest me, no matter how well-endowed they might be financially.
But when Trent saves me in a life and death situation, I’m suddenly feeling a lot less professional, and more like a damsel in distress.
Now when I look at him, my knees go weak, my heart flutters, and I’m having thoughts about him that would horrify the HR department.
I’ve worked for years to build my career, and have never put a foot wrong.
I can’t jeopardize that for an office fling.
And I won’t.
I’ll need to keep my thoughts about Trent, and his throbbing bank balance, in check. Because if I don’t, I’ll risk ruining everything.

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