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The Shipmater’s Daughter by Jessica Wolf – Free eBooks Download


America—it’s not just a word for Luciana Renaldi. It’s hope. After leaving her beloved Italy behind for good, Luciana knows there are good things on the horizon for her family. There has to be. But to her horror that hope is shattered when her ship and her family are sunken at sea. She washes up on the shores of an unknown land, barely breathing, and is taken in by a strange man with strange ways. As her feelings for the man begin to grow, her newfound dreams begin to clash. Should she stay? Or should she pursue her dream of making her own way?

Widower Reed Hargrave doesn’t care for much. Not his appearance, not his reputation, not even his dilapidated house. All he cares for is his daughter and his solitude. So when a young woman is found on the shore near his house, he is hard-pressed to let her stay for longer than necessary. Why, then, does he continuously create new ways to keep her around every time he opens his mouth?

Inspired loosely by both Beauty and the Beast and Pride and Prejudice, The Shipmaster’s Daughter is a tale of love and redemption. Readers will be swept along Edwardian England in a story filled with captivating characters and mysteries of the heart.

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