Shifter’s Mate by Mia Wolf (ePUB)

shifter's mate, mia wolf

Shifter’s Mate (Silverdale Wolves #4) by Mia Wolf – Free eBooks Download


He’s cocky and thinks he needs to protect me all the time. It’s so annoying … and so hot.
I’m a witch with the ability to see the future, but I didn’t see this wolf coming.
He showed up at my door, insisting he needs to stay in my space to protect me.
I fight it, obviously, but he’s not leaving me any choice. So here we are.
He’s not my type, but I admit I find him shamelessly handsome.
The dark hair, the intense brown eyes … and that cockiness that secretly drives me crazy.
He really needs to stop throwing me over his shoulder and running away with me, though.
And above all … he needs to stop looking at me like he wants to devour me.
We have an enemy to fight and we need to focus on that.
But what is bothering me underneath it all is this:
If I can see the future, then why can’t I see what he is going to do next?
If I don’t want him, then why does the sensation of being in his arms feel so exquisite
And if I don’t need protection, then why do I crave his?

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