Shifter’s Delight by S.E. Isaac (ePUB)

shifter's delight, se isaac

Shifter’s Delight (Thrills & Chills) by S.E. Isaac – Free eBooks Download


Layna Donovan has just moved to New York City and is having the time of her life. Or so she tells her parents back home because deep down, Layna is miserable. She works long hours as an executive assistant to a high-demanding boss, Colton Salvatore. He calls her at all hours of the night for the simplest things that could have waited until morning. When she doesn’t answer her phone on the first few rings, he gets upset with her. She wants to throw in the towel and find a slower-paced job, but there’s something about her boss that she just can’t let go of. Even if he is a controlling night owl.
Colton Salvatore has lived a time or two. He knows what he likes and expects those around him to know too. As a boss, he has high expectations and will accept nothing but perfection. Many have called him a heartless tycoon to his face and behind his back. And he’s okay with that because those words help fuel him to continue pushing for greater things. There is nothing in this world that he needs… Until Layna Donovan was hired as his assistant. She’s the definition of the perfect woman and Colton finds himself realizing, she’s the one thing missing from his life.
Will Layna be able to keep a level head when dealing with her sexy, arrogant boss and what he has to offer her? Or will she finally throw in the towel and walk away from something that seems too good to be true?

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