Shifter Nanny Agency Complete Series by Layla Silver (ePUB)

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Shifter Nanny Agency Complete Series by Layla Silver – Free eBooks Download


Hot single daddy looking for a nanny…
The task of the Shifter Nanny Agency is simple: Find good nannies for devastatingly handsome shifters who are also the best single daddies in the world. Because like it or not, the fathers are almost as cute as their kids. Which can unfortunately be quite a distraction. Application forms, anyone?

The Wolf’s Nanny
I needed someone to look after my children, not a tail to chase. Not the want in me to make her mine. It’s more than the cliché of the single dad and the nanny. But if I give in, I might lose everything…

The Bear’s Nanny
I conned my way into his house and into this job. Now I’m in deep trouble. I cannot have lewd thoughts about my boss. But he smells like pine trees, like the forest in the rain. Like the home that I never had…

The Alpha’s Nanny
I’m not falling into the same old trap. I’m not going to sleep with the nanny. Especially not since she’s half my age. Especially not since I don’t really know how she got here. What is really going on here?

The Dragon’s Nanny
He makes my life miserable. One minute he doesn’t want me. The next he looks at me like I’m a piece of steak. Part of me wants to punch him in the face. But another part wants to do something else…

The Tiger’s Nanny
He shattered my heart all those years ago. A fact I’ll never forgive him for. A fact I’ve run from since forever. But the fact is, I can’t run any longer… Because I’m here in his house, taking care of his kid…

The Lion’s Nanny
I’m not here to drool over my best friend from college. I’m here to look after his kids. Everyone thought we’d end up together but he never made a move. I should let it go, but I can’t help it… I still want him…

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