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shift happens, mary b moore

Shift Happens (Providence Family Ties #2) by Mary B. Moore – Free eBooks Download


Both of my dads were always attentive and loving, but they were also smothering. Leaving for college caused them more anxiety than it caused me. I was excited about having freedom and laying the foundations for my future and my career.
Yeah, I have two of them, so you can imagine the bullying I had as a kid. But I wouldn’t change them for the world, it’s just that I needed to find my own place in it.
How’s this for irony: I tasted freedom, I touched it with my fingertips, then I got a sinus infection, hit by the car he was driving, and now he’s insisting on helping me recuperate in exchange for not telling my dads about it.
He didn’t need to do it, but when I said no, he proved he’d become an adult version of the irritating kid I remembered.

I did my parents and their friends a favor and checked in on Sasha to make sure she was doing okay at college. I hadn’t forgotten the little girl who used to come over with her dads, I just hadn’t thought about her. It’s a totally different thing.
I wasn’t a jock, I was here for my education, and I had zero-tolerance for distractions. I got enough of those from my family, so this time at college was my own. So it was only meant to be that one visit, but now I can’t stop thinking about her.
Especially after I hit her with my car and now I’m looking after her. Except, that started as guilt, and now it’s something completely different.

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