She Is Mine Short Story Collection by Flora Ferrari (ePUB)

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She Is Mine Short Story Collection by Flora Ferrari – Free eBooks Download


My Escape

I’m headed to the mountains to escape from home and responsibilities for a while. Little did I know that I’d meet the love of my life while swimming in a secluded waterfall…

I’ve been hiking to the waterfall every day for the past ten years, and I’ve never seen a soul. Now, there’s a beautiful woman bathing naked in the pool, and I’m going to make her mine…

The Father of The Bride

I came to this wedding as my friend’s plus one, but I never expected to meet the man of my dreams here. He’s tall, handsome, and drop-dead gorgeous…I want him to be mine, even if he is twice my age.

Watching my daughter get married was always going to be a good day, but now that I’ve laid eyes on the most beautiful woman on the planet, this wedding is going to be even better.

Her Obsession

I’ve been waiting impatiently for my eighteenth birthday so that I can finally get what I want. Now that I’m legal, there’s nothing stopping me from letting Cody know exactly how I feel about him.

I’ve been waiting for her. Now that she’s old enough to make her own decisions, I know what I want. She’s the only thing in the world that I need.

The Ride

This solo road trip was meant to get me out of my head, but the moment I see her standing on the side of the road, I know that she’s changed my life forever in a matter of seconds.

I thought my life was over when I got kicked out of the orphanage now that I’m eighteen, but as I’m standing on the edge of the road, trying to hold myself together when I see my knight in shining armor coming right toward me.

Vegas Baby

I came to Vegas to celebrate my twenty-first birthday, but ever since a handsome stranger saved me from an aggressive drunk, he’s all I can think about…

The damsel in distress I met tonight might be the woman of my dreams, but she’s also my employee’s sister. Can I make her mine when he’s going to do everything to stop this from happening?

Teach Me

Ever since I met Grayson Carter, my creative writing teacher, I’ve wanted him. He’s leaving our class behind after graduation for greener pastures, but there’s still so much I want him to teach me…


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