Shaun’s Salvation by K.C. Wells (ePUB)

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Shaun’s Salvation (Maine Men #5) by K.C. Wells – Free eBooks Download


Romance is the last thing Shaun wants, but what if it’s exactly what he needs – and deserves?
A selfless son barely holding on
Shaun doesn’t have much of a life. When he’s not working in the restaurant in Portland, Maine, he’s home looking after his dad, who has dementia. The only people he sees on a regular basis are his coworkers, and Nathan, his dad’s carer, except he and Shaun are like ships that pass in the night. And on those dark nights when Shaun feels so alone, thoughts of Nathan are all he has to cling to.
A caring nurse
It didn’t take Nathan five minutes to know Shaun is a special guy. He’s dealt with enough indifferent families to recognize Shaun has and will always put his dad first. That’s why Nathan is willing to go above and beyond – Shaun is worth it. Nathan’s attraction to him has to go on the back burner, not that Shaun has noticed: Shaun’s focus is all on his dad.
Maybe it’s time for Nathan to convince Shaun he can keep that focus and still have a life – a life that includes love.

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