Shattered Chords by N. N. Britt (ePUB)

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Shattered Chords (The Encore #3) by N. N. Britt – Free eBooks Download


He’s hurt a lot of people.
She’s his last chance at redemption.

World-renowned guitarist and hard rock’s own Casanova, Dante Martinez, knows about reaping what he’s sown. Nearing forty and faced with serious health problems resulting from decades of alcohol and drug abuse, Dante is forced to put his career on hold. He spends his days in therapy, at AA meetings, and consumed by a new hobby—learning how to cook. Women are not part of his rehabilitation plan.
At thirty-four, Camille Rockwell thinks she has it all figured out. As a successful businesswoman and a busy single mom, she swore off men years ago and isn’t looking for a relationship. That is, until reformed bad boy rock star Dante Martinez buys her fifteen-year-old daughter an expensive gift at a local guitar shop and offers to be her tutor.
Dante’s instantly smitten with the feisty, overprotective redhead. And although Camille is feeling things she never thought she’d feel again, she doesn’t want the complications that come with a man like Dante, nor can she afford to have her daughter get hurt. Only, Dante isn’t ready to give up until he’s done everything he can to win Camille over.
Will Camille be able to resist Dante’s charm or will she fall under his spell and let him turn her quiet, idyllic life upside down?

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