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shark, ashley a quinn

Shark (Pine Ridge #3) by Ashley A Quinn – Free eBooks Download


Sarafina Katsaros is content living a simple life, running her diner. Until James O’Malley arrives in Pine Ridge to help his sister, Daisy, recuperate from a near-fatal car accident. The man could charm the wicked witch into flying Dorothy to the wizard on one of her flying monkeys. His sexy smile and sapphire blue eyes hypnotize her, so she vows to keep her distance. But when James gets caught in a snowstorm, Sara can’t just leave him out in the elements. Stuck with him until the weather clears, she discovers he’s more than just a pretty face.
James doesn’t want to go to Montana, but Daisy needs him—or so his oldest brother says. The trip has the added bonus of offering him a change of scenery to hopefully spark some ideas for his next novel. But Pine Ridge proves to be just as distracting as Chicago. Beautiful diner-owner Sara Katsaros bewitches him with her quick wit and high-roller level card skills, leaving him smitten. But he has his work cut out for him if he’s going to convince her to give him a chance and complicate the hell out of her simple life.

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