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Shared By Her Mountain Men (Bear’s Tooth Mountain Men #4) by Cameron Hart – Free eBooks Download


**Four hands roam over my body, two mouths kiss my skin, two tongues lap up my sweat. Grant and Sawyer work together to bring me to the absolute edge of pleasure, and then push me further than I knew was possible.**

In a rash decision to get away from the dumpster fire of a situation I found myself in, I drive up a mountain to a remote cabin for a little retreat to regroup after everything. Only, I get caught in a blizzard and my ancient car breaks down. Because of course it does. I stupidly decided to try and walk down the mountain, only to fall and hit my head. The last thing I think is that dying in a blizzard might be the only noteworthy thing to happen in my pathetic life.
When I wake up, I’m warm and toasty and being taken care of by not one, but two gorgeous mountain men. Grant is beautiful and brutal, devastating and rough and feral, but surprisingly gentle with me when I need it. Sawyer is sweet and sexy, charming and loving and strong, but he can be fierce when he needs to be. They are perfect. Each one. I couldn’t choose if my life depended on it. What’s a girl to do? I couldn’t possibly have both of them, right?

I found the snow angel half-frozen to death in the worst blizzard of the century. Of course, I take her back to my cabin to warm up. I’m not a monster. A recluse, yes. Damaged, broody jerk, you bet. But I’m not going to let someone die out here on this Montana mountain. Especially someone as beautiful as her. But once she’s warmed up and the storm has passed, the little lady has to go. She makes me feel… well, that just it. She makes me FEEL. And feeling is something I can’t afford to do. So, I keep my distance, though it’s getting harder to do with each passing day.

I knew from the moment Grant carried the stunning woman into our cabin that she was the one for us. She was going to break us and heal us and make us whole again. Grant and I have shared women before, and I always thought we’d end up in a relationship with one woman to love, to cherish, to pleasure in every way. My little snowdrop is sweet and gorgeous and perfect in every single way, though she doesn’t see it. Whatever brought her out here left scars, but Grant and I will make her see how much she means to us, how we want her, mind, body, and soul. Grant is being his usual stand-offish self, so I have to convince him that Quinn is the one. I know he feels it too, he just has to let down those walls of his. I hope Quinn can handle two mountain men, because now that she’s here, we’re not letting her go.

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