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Shake that Sass (Dire Wolf Mates #1) by C.D. Gorri – Free eBooks Download


He’s an Alpha looking for a home. She’s an outsider with no one to call her own. Can they find what they’re searching for in each other?
Derrick Rand is an Alpha Dire Wolf, a rare and powerful species of Shifter. Tired of the nomadic life, he’s looking for a place to call home. He receives an email from a female Shifter inviting him to a small town called Blue Creek. Seemingly ideal, he and his crew fill their tanks and mount their bikes for the long ride to meet Barbara Wolfe.
Lucy Corwyn is a Bobcat Shifter passing through the Wolf infested town of Blue Creek. After her junker breaks down, she is stranded there without a cent to her name. Not-so-big Cats rarely mixed with other species, especially not ones that considered her a snack!
Without the money to pay for the repairs needed, Lucy has to find a job. The only one available seems to be at the new biker bar in town, Serious Moonlight. Lucy knows she needs to get the hell out of town before some dumb Wolf tries to make her into a chew toy, so she seeks out the owner about a position.
Imagine her surprise when the sexy as hell Alpha turns out to be her mate!
Lucy isn’t about to make things easy on the big guy. No way.
If that big bad Wolf wants to catch this little she-Cat, he better shake that sass.

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