Shadows of Desire by Serena Simpson (ePUB)

shadows of desire, serena simpson

Shadows of Desire (Monster Crave Curves #2) by Serena Simpson – Free eBooks Download


Jenna’s life was a living hell. She escaped the nightmare, but the voices in her head and the haunting visions never left her. When she started dreaming of a purple monster chasing her, she knew her fragile existence was on the brink of collapse.

On a distant world, SaKura was the crown prince, committed to helping his people. But to do so, he had to defy his father, the king, and venture to the one place forbidden to him – Earth. For his fated mate, a powerful frya capable of restoring life and fire to Diza, resided there.
Jenna found herself hunted, her fated mating to the royal a coveted prize. If she could be eliminated, it would be a double victory – the crown prince of Diza would perish too.
Torn between embracing and resisting their bond, Jenna and SaKura fought to stay one step ahead of those who wished them dead. But a snake slithered in their camp, feeding information to the enemy. Could they unmask the traitor and beat the adversary at their own game? Life and death hung in the balance of their choices. Would Jenna realize her love for SaKura too late to make a difference? Let the games begin.

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