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shadowed whispers, elle lincoln

Shadowed Whispers (Shadow Locke Shifters #1) by Elle Lincoln – Free eBooks Download


Good Girls Don’t Cry

Junior year. I existed for two years in the recesses of Shadow Locke University—two years of staying hidden—but now I can’t hide anymore. Four new students have set their sights on me, as if they have been waiting for me all along. No matter how often I dodge them, they seem to emerge out of the shadows.

Their existence stirs something long buried inside me—desire, attraction, and lust. I can handle those, but I want nothing to do with the deeper, raw emotions. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to escape them. They keep dredging up the past, and I’m not ready to face my own darkness.

Embracing the darkness means remembering, and sometimes memories are too painful to bring into the light, but they aren’t giving me a choice.

My secrets are as dark and disturbing as the ones they keep from me, and their protection is as fierce as their loyalty. They call to something that dwells within me, pacing and prowling. Each day, I uncover more about who they are, and I can’t help but seek them out, even if their presence begins to heal me from the inside out.

With every memory I regain, I lose a little more of myself, and with every friendship I make, the future I planned fractures, yet every lesson I learn helps my power grow stronger, and I begin to see the strange inconsistencies surrounding Shadow Locke University.

Everyone around me is keeping a big secret, one I’ve overlooked for two years, and when I uncover it, I might need someone to save me from myself.

Because the truth is more terrifying than I ever imagined.

Shadowed Whispers is Book One of Shadow Locke Shifters Trilogy, a Why Choose Academy, Paranormal Romance. This book ends on a cliffhanger.

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