Shadow Untamed by Avery Stone (ePUB)

shadow untamed, avery stone

Shadow Untamed (Tainted Demons of Shifter Syndicate #2) by Avery Stone – Free eBooks Download


When you’re an outcast, the truth is always hard to accept. But being handed your birthright can create surprising opportunities in the realms of the tainted.
Betrayal. Attempted murder. Unexpected alliances. The unfolding events are shocking, but they also prove that I play a big role in what’s to come — a role that doesn’t solely revolve around survival.
Death has always nipped at my heels, but this time, I’m the one racing right into the red shadows of doom in an attempt to discover my heritage and a place to call home. No matter what happens, though, one thing is certain: I’m smitten with my Alpha and have enough faith in his reign that my demon imprinted on him.
Lust between Shadowborns is one thing, but what future can he have with me? A Dusk Shadowborn? Especially because this formerly homeless, mocked reject is now stepping into one of the highest positions the Tainted Syndicate has ever seen — a position of worship.
Fate has shown me who my enemies are, and though I’ve set my revenge in motion, it’s only the beginning. Alpha Cain wishes for me to rise, to be tested — to be loved — but most importantly?
He wants to show our tainted world what happens when you provoke the untamed.

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