Shadow Sentinels Collection by Karen Tomlinson (ePUB)

shadow sentinels, karen tomlinson

Shadow Sentinels Collection by Karen Tomlinson – Free eBooks Download


This omnibus edition contains all four books in the complete Shadow
Sentinels series bound together in one thrilling package! Plus a bonus chapter to complete the series!

My name is Ember Rawson, and I made a terrible mistake.

I trusted the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation.
And they destroyed everything I loved.

I had no choice but to run.

Now I am a drug-dealing wolf-shifter; a link between the criminals of our
world and Faerie. But through that link, I seek the only thing left to me;

It is my only focus. Until I get caught.

Thrown into a brutal supernatural prison, I come face to face with my
past—in the shape of a powerful Alpha Prime. The King of the Were
prisoners is one hot SOB, and the moment we meet sparks fly. When he makes it
perfectly clear that my life belongs to him those sparks only burn hotter.

“I won’t let any other male touch you. You have twenty-four hours to
consider my offer.”

Survival takes on a new meaning as I battle to win in a world of fight rings,
demons, and betrayal. But all the fighting skills in the world can’t protect me
from him. Because this is the deadliest Alpha I’ve ever met, and fate
decided a long time ago that my heart and my soul are his. Even in this
violent world, he is the most dangerous thing to my survival.

Now I must protect my deepest secret.

For Hell is coming to Earth…and it is looking for me.

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