Shadow of the Fae by KJ Baker (ePUB)

shadow of fae, kj baker

Shadow of the Fae (Shadow Court #1) by KJ Baker – Free eBooks Download


She’s a broke antiques dealer. He’s a Fae king. What could they possibly have in common? Turns out, everything.

I’m used to my life being a mess. After all, I run a failing antiques shop, drink way too much coffee, and suffer from an eighties cartoon addiction. But being confronted by two savage killers who break into my shop in the middle of the night is a new low, even for me.
So when a dark-haired Adonis appears out of nowhere to save my life, things finally take a turn for the better. Or worse. I’m still not sure which. You see, those two savage killers weren’t human. They were Fae, and the man who saved me? He’s one of them too. And now he’s telling me that I might hold the key to stopping a war between my world and theirs.
But that’s not the weirdest thing he’s told me.
He also says I’m his fated mate.

I’m not sure I can resist those smoky good-looks or that sculpted, sexy-as-hell body.
But if we’re gonna do this saving the world thing, I’m sure as hell gonna have to try.

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