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Shades Of Passion (Deadly Secrets) by E. Bowser – Free eBooks Download


Xashania ‘Shani’ Aiman has been with her True Alpha since the beginning of his reign. She always felt her role was just the babysitter for Taria, Michael, LaToya, and Quinn, but that quickly changed the night she learned she would become the Delta of the True Alpha’s Pack. Now that she is eighteen, Shani begins to come into dark powers she can’t explain. Shani’s Heat cycle is fast approaching, causing her body to call out to one Shade she stalks at the club Sinful Secrets…Tyson. Will Shani be consumed by her dark power, or will the shades of passion consume her?

Damon ‘Demon’ Vaughn has left a burning path of destruction wherever he goes. Damon went from a serial killer to the babysitter from Hell, who now fights to stay on the right side of things. Now that he has a daughter, he’ll do anything to protect her if that means bringing back the Demon everyone thinks he still is. There’s just one problem… Damon still only has half of his soul. Damon needs to stay away from Hell to keep half of the soul he possesses, but his passion burns hot for Blossom, the General of the Shades of Hell. Damon may have only half of his soul, but the only thing making him feel whole is Blossom.

Will Damon find the other half of his soul? Will Shani find a way to control the dark power that wants to consume her?

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