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shade's embrace, olivia riley

Shade’s Embrace by Olivia Riley – Free eBooks Download


She fears the monsters of Seriph.
He rules over them.

Axaria Shade, a deadly sidonion commander turned underworld kingpin, rules on the moon city, Seriph, with merciless control. Humans don’t enter the city without fear of death, especially if found in his territory.
So it’s shocking to Madelyn when he spares her life after her ship crashes on (and burns away) a part of his property.
That doesn’t mean he’ll let her go. Not without a price.
With a debt to be paid, an arrangement is struck, one Maddie doesn’t refuse. She’s heard enough about Shade and the sidonions to know their taste for bloodshed, brutality, and hatred for humans.
Only Shade doesn’t treat her with icy contempt like she expects. Far from it. He looks at her as if he has never seen a human in his life. And the way he touches her says enough of what he wants.
He wants her.
Shade doesn’t disguise his desire. Even if he doesn’t understand his craving for her, he’s willing to take anything she’ll give.
All Maddie should want is to pay what is owed and be out of his cold, monstrous hands. But his dark embrace is a hard one to break. And his need might consume her.
The heat between them is undeniable. But Shade is a monster at heart. Can a monster really care for her? Want her human heart? Or is he only playing a cruel game?

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