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settle down, sam hall

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Am I just a pawn, or could I be the queen destined to change the world?
As a young royal, my life has never been my own. Still, I was prepared to do my duty, to marry whomever my father chose…Until his decision became a death sentence.
My would-be-husband is the murderous King of Khean, a terrible man who has killed each one of his previous queens.
But I refuse to be his next victim.
Rather than come to claim me himself, the king sent them.
Four guards, each one more handsome than the next.
The rogue whose eyes follow my every movement, especially when he’s teaching me how to defend myself.
The warrior who tries to pretend this is just a job, while protecting me with his life.
The mysterious commander who is as arrogant as he is gorgeous
And the wolf shifter who claims I’m his fated mate.
They’re supposed to be my jailers, bringing me to the king, but what if they become my allies instead? What if they become my everything?

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