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Golden Retriever Husband by day.
Former sadistic professional Dom turned Daddy, and owner of Club Alias, by night.
I’ve been married to the only woman I’ve ever loved for five blissful years. My world went from being the darkest part of the universe to having to wear sunglasses at night it’s so bright, thanks to my wife and our four-year-old, Luna. They’ve healed that part of me—the heavy Sadist who needed to inflict pain on consenting Masochists with an inhuman-level pain tolerance. Instead, I’m now a pleasure Dom for my good-girl submissive, and enjoy taking up residence around our daughter’s little finger, since I can’t stand seeing either of my girls unhappy.
But something’s been amiss with my wife, my doll, lately. Something I haven’t forced her to talk about, because I know she’ll come to me when she’s ready and able to speak on it. Until then, I’ll continue to pour all the love and light she’s given me back into her and worship her in all the ways I know how.

Damn-good wife. World’s Okayest Mom. Winging it as Manager of Toys for Twats.
Failure as a submissive.
At least that’s what my stupid, oversensitive fear instinct makes me feel like.
You know how we all have that fight-or-flight response whenever we face something stressful? Well, I don’t duke it out nor run away. I freeze. And it’s really freaking annoying when I’m doing my best to be my Master’s good girl and follow his commands but suddenly get stuck as if Elsa shot an icicle straight up my—
And being the amazing Dominant he is, my husband doesn’t punish me for not following an order, even though my natural reaction also takes away my ability to speak. Instead, he immediately ends the scene as if I called my safeword, bundles me up on his lap, and pampers me with the sweetest aftercare.
I don’t want him to bring everything to a stop though. My response is involuntary, a limit I didn’t put into place, which grips me without my consent. It’s the sole cause of me being unable to grow into the submissive he deserves.

But I have a plan. Seth’s birthday is just a few days away, and with the help of my therapist brother-in-law Doc and all our friends, I’m going to give my husband, my Dom, a gift he’ll never see coming. I’ll become the plaything he always dreamed of—an even better toy than the new Intimacy Companion Dolls that just arrived at my shop.

As long as my instinct doesn’t mess it up.

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