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set me free, koko heart

Set Me Free (The Cooper Sisters #4) by Koko Heart – Free eBooks Download


Emilia Cooper.
The Shark. The Boss. The Legend.
My life is organised. Precise. Managed. I’m in control of every aspect. Until I’m not. Until one night changes the very fabric of my existence.
One man blew apart the composure I’d fought so hard to maintain and showed me what it felt like to be free. It was supposed to be a one time thing. Something for my memories to savour, with someone I didn’t know and would never see again. But life has a way of taking your well laid plans and altering them before your very eyes.

Grayson Maverick.
The screw up. The boss’s son. The American.
Two words destroyed my plans and blew my mind at the same time. Emilia Cooper. The best sports agent my dad’s company has ever seen and the unknown angel who ruined me for all others.
But the angel in that hotel room, willing, free and mine, has another side. And when I flipped the coin, I got The Shark. The persona she’s perfected for work, cold and deadly, leaves my work cut out for me.
If I want her to let her hair down, I have to show her I’m worth the risk. Show her how good things can be. That I’m the one to set her free.

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