Servant for the Alien Primal by Athena Storm (ePUB)

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Servant for the Alien Primal (Mates of the Precursors #3) by Athena Storm – Free eBooks Download


There is no way in the nine hells that I’ll consent to being this alien king’s servant.
That doesn’t mean it’ll stop him, unfortunately. He’s the king. And I’m just a common human healer.
Yes, he has a sick younger sister that only I can help.
But that doesn’t give him the right to swoop in and carry me off to his palace!

To add insult to injury, now that I’m here I can’t get over how delicious this alien king is on the eyes.
Seriously. They call him His Royal Highness?
More like ‘His Royal Fine Ass’ if you ask me.
And yeah, I see his stares.
He’s sizing me up. Liking what he sees.
But…no! I’m still mad at him for snatching me!
He can’t sweep me off my feet with kindness after tearing me from my home.
He can’t clothe me in silks and fine lace and claim that he loves me and that we’re fated mates and expect me to swoon.
Except that’s what he does. And you know what gets me more than anything else?
The fact that it’s working.
Now I have to decide. Do I want to stay as a servant to this primal alien?
Or do I want to be his Queen?

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