Serpent In White by Nyla K (ePUB)

serpent in white, nyla k

Serpent In White (Twisted Tales #1) by Nyla K – Free eBooks Download


Deep in the Empyrean forest… Nothing stays hidden.

We are The Principality, and our community is special. Some of us joined, some were born into it. But regardless of how we got here, we all serve him.
Our Head Priest is a wise and fearless leader. All-knowing, the secrets of our land are spoken to him through the air. We follow him willingly, worshipping the Earth as intended. While his brother lurks in the shadows…
But who is this King I can’t stop watching, so captivating and beautiful? And who is the man with the snake eyes?
I must know more about them both…
I must peek beneath the cover.
Unearthing the truth brings me between a King and a Serpent, and the lust we share isn’t the only unexpected gift. What is a young servant to do but follow his path?
I will seek answers in the woods of the mountain…
Where existence is not what it seems.

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