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sergeant's sweetheart, tamrin banks

Sergeant’s Sweetheart (Coming Home) by Tamrin Banks – Free eBooks Download


Harmony Thomas:
I love my job in my little town in the Sweetwater Mountains. The people are nice…for the most part! As the town librarian I see almost everybody but I’m still lonely. It’s just me here. So at Christmas I start writing to a soldier. I’m thirty and he’s thirty-eight so we seem like we have a lot in common. He’s the sweetest man and says all the right things to make a girl think about forever.
Until he’s standing in front of me. Staring up into his quicksilver eyes I can’t even string two words together to make a whole sentence. He’s deliciously grumpy and every rough word makes me shiver.
He says he’s on a mission but I know he’ll leave. Everyone I start to have feelings for does. Can I keep myself from falling for the bossy, grumpy, annoying and oh-so-tempting mountain of a man until he leaves just like everyone else does?

Garret McMasters:
She’s right in front of me just like I’ve dreamt for so long. More beautiful than any woman I’ve ever seen.
Harmony was a beacon of light in my darkest hours and I fell in love with her way before I ever saw her. She stole my heart and now I’ve come to claim all the rest of her. I want it all. Heart, body, soul…everything. She’s sweet as candy and makes me ache for something I never thought I’d have. A home and family.
But everyone leaves her and she thinks I’m just one more in a long line of disappointments. My mission is to lock down my woman. Target acquired. Let’s call it Project Homecoming!
There’s nowhere else that I’d rather be than with her. Now I just have to marry the sweet, sassy little librarian before I lose my mind!

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