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senri, vc lancaster

Senri (Queens of the Gandry #2) by V.C. Lancaster – Free eBooks Download


Senri’s mother has disappeared. The tribe assumes she’s dead. They’re all better off if she is. Mirr was not a good Queen.
But now the tribe has to try to survive. Mirr’s Bonded males will die without her. Senri’s sister Tirra returns to the tribe to help, and she, Senri, and their little sister Barqa decide to attempt the impossible: Bonding their mother’s mates. It’s the only way they might live.

Senri thinks she’s signing her future away when she takes on Zerren, Gidri, and Rawl, three males who act as one. They work together, sharing a companionship that Senri has never known. It unsettles her. Until they let her in, and she learns maybe Bonding these males isn’t a sacrifice, but a gift.

This is a 29,000 word novella that features an alien/alien F/M/M/M menage. This novella follows on from Krol’s Goddess, Book 5 in the main Gandry/Ruth & Gron series, and is the sequel to ‘Tirra’, which should be read first for the best enjoyment.

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