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Seminal (For the Love of Aliens #2) by C.M. Stunich – Free eBooks Download


I don’t play the role of the kidnapped princess very well.
And I really hate the fated mates trope.
Hello again, I’m Eve Wakefield, and I refuse to accept that I’m in love with an intergalactic moth prince.
I don’t care how handsome he is, I don’t want to marry him.
I don’t care if his parents have a sentient spaceship capable of eating entire planets.
Love is earned, not swindled by pheromones.

I’m now trapped on a ship with an adorable cyborg bodyguard, a golden toilet, and relationship issues. There’s the prince I’m supposed to marry, the forest beast I fell in love with, and the never-wears-clothes police officer with tentacles. I’ve also got a mother-in-law who looks like a giant millipede, more macarons than I can eat, and plenty of red lace lingerie made from alien moth blood.

I’m living in luxury, but I will do anything to see Abraxas again.
Even if that means giving in and becoming a princess in a gilded cage.
There’s so much more to all of this than I first thought, and I should’ve known better than to judge a man whose gaze is enough to knock me to my knees.

I might be wrong. I might be in love with more than one alien. I might also be dying.
And there’s only one person who can fix this: I need to be with Abraxas.
After that, I’ll worry about the possibility of becoming the next queen of the universe.
But let’s be honest here: I don’t miss being a caterer; being an alien queen is way more interesting.
seminal – adjective

an extremely important, often creative and unique, early stage influence that has a profound effect on the things that follow after

SEMINAL – book 2 of 3 in the For the Love of Aliens trilogy. This is a why choose/reverse harem alien romance. In this volume, we’ll continue to follow Eve as she finds herself falling in love anew, reaffirming her original love, and testing the waters (pun intended) of a third relationship.

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