Seized By the Rebel Barbarian by Trinity Blaise (ePUB)

seized rebel barbarian, trinity blaise

Seized By the Rebel Barbarian (Brothers of the Scarred Planet #2) by Trinity Blaise – Free eBooks Download


The alien rebel has plans for me. Plans that could involve losing my heart… and my life.

I’ve just made the second worst decision of my life.
The first was volunteering to be abducted by alien warriors so my sister and nephew didn’t have to leave Earth with them alone. The second is letting Ryker, the treacherous rebel I was asked to kill by these alien warriors, live. And now he’s thanking me by dragging me into the strangest, most dangerous forest on his planet.
He says he has plans for me. Plans that involve putting myself in true danger for a cause we both share: overthrowing the alien highborns who forced human women here. But it soon becomes clear allying myself with a traitor, even if he is the most gorgeous being I’ve ever laid eyes on, is super risky. Especially when that ally turns into a lover.
Can I really trust the alien rebel I’ve been told is as deceitful as they come? And can I really trust myself when I’m around him?

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