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seeking clarity, j allen grady

SeekingClarity (Boys of Simson U. #3) by J. Allen Grady – Free eBooks Download


“Love may know no boundaries, but can they break the rules without getting their hearts broken again?”
James Cooper is seeking clarity. Ever since the long-term girlfriend he’d almost considered moving in with betrayed him, James has been questioning whether he will ever be able to trust a partner—or his own instincts in a relationship. He’s withdrawn from his friends and hasn’t even been interested in dating since he left her for cheating on him.
Alex Anderson has also been single for a few years. First his ex wife nearly destroyed his life, leaving him with the only good thing they did together—their daughter Rachel. But Rachel blames her dad, who has since come out, for breaking up their marriage, because Alex has been protecting her from the truth. Rachel has made it her mission to make sure her dad can’t have what he really wants—a loving relationship with a man he can call his own.
James and Alex share way more than they know, but the one thing they know they share is Rachel’s anger. The two men had a good relationship until James left Rachel for cheating. That’s right, Alex’s daughter is James’ ex.
Months after they last spoke, Alex accidentally sends a text to the wrong James, sparking a fire in the isolated college boy that he didn’t realize he still had in him. He even gets on CockyUnicorns as SeekingClarity to see if maybe he’s misunderstood himself all along. He even enlists his friend Zavier to help him clarify some things about his newfound attraction. In the end, though, it’s only Alex who can bring the demisexual James the fulfillment he craves. But will they allow themselves to cross a boundary that perhaps shouldn’t be crossed to find happiness with each other?

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