Seeking Ruin by Nicole Bennett (ePUB)

seeking ruin, nicole bennett

Seeking Ruin (Infamous Ladies #2) by Nicole Bennett – Free eBooks Download


She may be ruined, but that won’t stop her from indulging in a bit of fun…

After having her lack of fortune revealed to the Ton and being publicly humiliated by her supposed beau, Kitty Highbridge’s marital aspirations are, to put things bluntly, nothing short of a disaster. Ever the optimist, Kitty decides that if she is destined to be a social pariah then she might as well make the most of it and engage in every entertainment normally forbidden to unmarried ladies, starting with finding herself a competent lover. A certain duke seems like just the man to oblige her, especially given her smoldering kiss with him two years ago.

A bold seduction…

Sebastian Haverston, 10th Duke of Ashford, isn’t quite sure what to make of the bold debutante who seems intent on luring him to her bed. A man with a reputation as dangerous as it is salacious, he is accustomed to being given a wide berth by most members of the Ton. Miss Highbridge’s brazen pursual is as intriguing as it is suspicious, and Sebastian vows to resist the chit’s advances, lest he inadvertently find himself ensnared in a matrimonial trap. Difficult to achieve when he can’t seem to keep from imaging her voluptuous body sprawled across his bed and remembering the feel of those beautiful lips on his own all those years ago.

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