Seeking Peace by Crystal Daniels (ePUB)

seeking peace, crystal daniels

Seeking Peace (Kings of Retribution MC Montana) by Crystal Daniels, Sandy Alvarez – Free eBooks Download


Nothing remains of Blake’s life before the club except death, deceit, and corruption.
He was on the road to self-destruction when his path crossed with Jake, the President of Kings of Retribution.
Now Blake is dedicated to the MC and loyal to the men he calls brothers.
The club gave him a family and purpose.
Blake thought he finally had everything he ever wanted.
Until Ember.

Ember hungered for more in life than her parents’ high expectations. She wanted to color outside the lines and live by her own rules.
Unwilling to be tamed, Ember walked away from the life suffocating her and never looked back.
Being a club girl for a motorcycle club isn’t the lifestyle Ember was searching for, but when she found herself in an unimaginable situation, Jake offered her refuge.
The club showed Ember the true meaning of family.

Blake’s past comes back to haunt him, and now a bloody game of cat and mouse is playing out on the streets of Polson, putting Ember in the hands of the enemy.
There is only one way out for the man who took the woman he loves—death.

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