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seek, jessie rose case

Seek (Galactic Cyborg Heat #26) by Jessie Rose Case – Free eBooks Download


Seek. He was a hunter. One of the best of his kind. Cyborg. Born of decades of human experimentation, along with is brothers they looked for the others of their kind throughout the known and unknown universe.
A Commander of the Cyborg Empire he knew his duty. Seek and destroy those that would harm them.
Find the female that belonged to him ……
Jacqueline Anora Clarisse Jackson, Jacks to her friends, liked working in a nightclub. It was extra bunce with tips and a fun night out without paying for it.
Ok so it was hard work too if you did the job well and she did. Often exhausted at the end of the night and had to drag her ass out of bed the next morning for the day job but there was nothing like getting the extra paycheck at the end of the week to know it had been worth it.
She liked her job, but she liked the club better.
And the best part…. She saw every asshole going, doing his thing, lying and cheating, moving on to the next girl to know one thing for sure.
They were not worth it!

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