Seductive Swimmer by Julia Jarrett (ePUB)

seductive swimmer, julia jarrett

Seductive Swimmer (Hero Club) by Julia Jarrett – Free eBooks Download


Detached. Driven. Focused.
Those are the qualities that helped me win multiple Olympic medals, and when fate ended my swimming career early, those same qualities led me to run a thriving Manhattan restaurant business.
But all of my success did nothing to prepare me for Savannah Reese.
She’s beautiful, but also clumsy, awkward, and determined to make me question everything I ever believed to be true about myself. I thought I had all I wanted in life, until she shows me what I have been missing.
But she refuses to fall for my charm, especially once she’s hired by my business partner as a consultant.
Every word, every glance, every stolen touch, they only make me want her more.And for the first time ever, I want more than just one night with a woman.

I came to New York for a fresh start and to prove that I could make it on my own. So far, so good. I’ve got a place to live, a job, friends, and cheap wine and Cheetos to keep me company at night.
I thought I was happy. Okay, I thought I was content.
Until Alexander Devlin comes along with all of his suave British charm. He’s the kind of man your mama warned you about. Arrogant, sexy, and dangerous to a woman’s heart. He’s also my boss. Which should make him off limits… Except he doesn’t seem to think so…
This sexy swimmer is out to seduce me, and I can only resist him for so long.

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