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seduction, kallista dane

Seduction (Warriors of the Seven Stars #4) by Kallista Dane – Free eBooks Download


She brought a fierce Viking warrior back from the brink of death.
Now he’s determined to bring the passionate woman trapped inside her to life.

When Doctor Selena Reston first lays eyes on Haldor, a warrior from the ice planet Gadolinium, he’s barely alive. Wounded in a battle to save the life of his foster father, King Sigrun, he’s been sent to Earth through a star portal all alone in a desperate attempt to save his life.
Descended from Vikings who settled on the distant world thousands of years ago, Haldor looks more like the Norse god Thor than the pale thin Earther males Selena has been surrounded by all her life. And from the moment he opens his eyes, he ignites wicked sensations she’s never felt before.
Haldor wakes on the planet Earth to a world as alien to him as any he’s ever heard about. There are no forests, no wild boar to hunt, no barrels of honey mead – and worst of all, the beautiful healer who saved his life tells him the occupants of her planet are no longer allowed to engage in sex with other humans. Instead, they achieve gratification using mechanical devices and holographic partners.
Marooned on Earth until his body is strong enough to survive the rigorous journey back through the star portal, Haldor decides to introduce his alluring doctor to the pleasures to be had in the arms of a real man. Seducing Selena starts out as a challenge, but when she’s kidnapped by the alien enemy who invaded his home world, Haldor realizes the innocent virgin has captured his heart.
Haldor sets off on a frantic quest across the galaxy to track her down before his enemy sells her as a slave. With a handful of Earthers vowing to fight by his side, can he rescue Selena before she disappears into the harem of an alien warlord?

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